About me

Current projects

Photography of Raphaël Barrois

My name is Raphaël Barrois; I am a technology enthusiast, working since March 2011 at Polyconseil, an international ICT consulting company based in Paris.

I am currently tech lead on the Autolib' information system, which handles all business and support functions for the service.

I am also participating in a couple of non-profit organizations (Polytechnique.org, RezoSup).

Interests & cursus

Technology addict, I have a weak spot for Python, Django and Gentoo. I enjoy developing libraries, fixing and improving systems, running complex setups for fun, and helping people to get better tools.

I graduated in 2011 from École polytechnique (France's top scientific university), after a cursus focused on Computer Science. I have also spend one year studying at Télécom Paristech.


You can reach me through various channels:

  • IRC under "Xelnor" (both on irc.rezosup.org and irc.freenode.net)
  • Email at raphael DOT barrois+fromblog AT m4x DOT org
  • On Twitter, as @raphaelbarrois
  • My code projects are split on my GitHub account and my personal git.