Xel.Mind — Random thoughts

After a couple of years spent thinking about "Well, I should write out stuff somewhere, for my future self", I've finally crossed the line.

What can you expect on this "Weblog"?

  • Random thoughts on technology
  • Articles around Python, Gentoo, Django, SysAdmin stuff, …
  • Every once in a while, considerations on other topics.


I have chosen Pelican to manage this blog.

This choice was driven by the following advantages:

  • Uses RST, one less markup language to learn
  • Based on Python, my programming language of choice
  • Static content generation — nothing dynamic, no database, no vulnerabilities.
  • Clear layout, no magic filename handling.

Once I have managed to get this blog up and running, here are a few issues I've found:

  • The documentation is somewhat lacking in some areas (mostly theming)
  • The pelican-themes package contains unmaintained, poor-quality themes
  • The build process could use some Makefile-ication.